about us

Do you remember that handwritten note you received from your best friend in the 8th grade, the message that said it all? That note that you folded, then folded again before tucking it away in a little box hidden in your closet. The note that you still pull out once in a while, just to re-read its message. The wrinkles and creases of the paper that show the weather of a note read over and over.

What about the card from your mom on graduation day? Or the thank you note from that important someone? The journal entry you made the day before you started your dream job? Or the "I love you" scrawled on a little square paper pad and left on your nightstand to find early the next morning? 

There is nothing comparable to a handwritten note. The thought and the time behind the message, the ease of which a thought slides off your pen into a coiled notebook or the purposefulness of a plan when it's written to paper. 

Wrinkle & Crease creates luxury paper products for all your written messages. We specialize in simple designs with high quality letterpress and foil print. Our mission is to have you write more and type less. We want to create beautiful products that inspire you to write a love letter, send a thoughtful card, scribble ideas or thoughts and jot down plans. We want to be the paper that you save, tuck away and unfold over and over again. 

Each of these products has been designed with paper lovers in mind. Please enjoy and while you're at it, write me a note to let me know what you think!