Birthday Treat Bag - Giveaway 2

Introducing our SECOND treat bag for our birthday week.

I am so grateful for the Local Support I have had for Wrinkle & Crease here in YYC over the last two years. I couldn't think of a better way than to share with you some of my favourite things from this city.

1. Dirtbelly ( @dirtbelly_yyc)
Vibrant, yummy salad scoops (AKA: Garden Candy) + fresh, healthy sips, Dirtbelly is one of my favourite spots in the city to go for healthy food on the go. Dirtbelly uses fresh seasonal ingredients for all their foods, made from scratch in store. If you haven't been in, I highly recommend it. Available down at TD Square and now at Market Mall. This treat bag includes a few scoops of their amazing salads.
2. The Gut Lab (, @loveyourguts)
Good things happen when you trust your guts! That's the motto of the fabulous ladies behind this company, sisters Lexi + Dani. Well known for their tasty Bone Broth, these ladies are bringing even more amazing concoctions to the scene promoting healthy and healthy guts including a number of herbal "potions". This "love" potion is included in the treat bag and will help bring a little more L-O-V-E into your life. Check them out!
3. Kit & Ace (, @kitandace)
I'm sure you've all heard of Kit & Ace, founded in Vancouver they use technical design in day to day wear. I love their soft, luxurious clothes. However - what you may not know is the culture behind this company. Supporters of local, business creatives - Kit & Ace is involved in numerous ways in the community. I had the honour of attending a "Supper Club" at the store last year, an experience that is really hard to describe unless you've been. But essentially, the store hosted a fabulous dinner in their store, bringing in a local chef who made us a feast. 12 local entrepreneurs business owners and creatives were invited to this dinner and we began a conversation - sparked by a little deck of cards you see above called "Real Talk". It was easily one of the best dinners I've had the pleasure of attending and in 3 hours I learned more about a set of strangers than I know about some of my friends. This "Real Talk" deck of cards is included in this treat bag!
4. Little Tucker (, @littletuckeryyc)
Laura is the brains & creator behind the DELICIOUS, healthy treats of Little Tucker. Her Energy Bites are definitely a fave of mine and a snack I rely on to carry me through the day after a workout class and/or running between meetings. You can find her raw, all natural, plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy free bites and treats at a number of places around town, and now out of the space she shares with Well Juice in Inglewood. Enjoy a goodie box of Energy Balls from Little Tucker as part of this treat bag.
5. True Buch Kombucha (, @true_buch)
Delicious draught Kombucha. True Buch is not only bringing us delicious gut healing probiotics through their Kombucha drinks (available in many retail locations around the city), but they are also a major support to our community and have also just started a new venture supporting new entrepreneurs (check out @true_incubabtor) Enjoy a 1 Litre bottle of their Valentine's Day Kombucha "Love Potion" in this treat bag.
6. Clear Float Spa (, @clearfloatspa)
If you haven't had the chance to check out this new addition to YYC, it's a must. Clear Float Spa is a premier float spa offering a new way to unwind, relax and rejuvenate - through floating. Spend an hour in a Salt Water filled pod as you float in peace and quiet and take a break from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. This treat bag includes a one hour float for one lucky winner.
7. Our Daily Brett (, @ourdailybrett)
If you haven't noticed, food plays a big role in my FAVOURITE things. ODB is one of my absolute favourite spots in in Calgary for on the go breakfast, lunch or dinner. They offer wholesome and tasty options for any meal as well as some delicious snacks. LIKE this Sriracha Popcorn - a weekly staple in my house. The lucky winner of this treat bag will receive a bag of this popcorn as well!
8. Fleurish Flower Shop (, @fleurishathome)
Nothing cheers me up like a beautiful bouquet of flowers in my home. Fleurish flower shop has been around Calgary for a number of years in Lakeview, but have just added a brand new shop in Parkdale. I love the simple but unique look of all of their bouquets. If you haven't been into their new shop - make sure you do. Not only do they carry gorgeous flowers but an array of gifts and local items in their gift shop as well. This treat bag includes a bouquet of flowers just like this from the shop.
9. Barre Belle (, @barrebelleyyc)
Barre Belle opened its doors in Mission just over a year ago here in YYC, and I'm so glad it did. Kristi and Jill are the founders of this Barre Studio which has just opened it's second location in Parkdale with a third arriving VERY soon! This has quickly become one of my favourite exercise classes in Calgary. If you've never tried it, don't be fooled...these Barre Belle's are some of the strongest women around. A beautiful studio, a KILLER workout and for one SERIOUSLY lucky winner you'll have the chance for unlimited classes for Two Weeks at Barre Belle as part of this treat bag. 
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Birthday Treat Bag - GIVEAWAY 1

Celebrating our 2nd Birthday this year, we want to say a BIG Thank You to each and every one of you. Thank you for your support, for your love and for giving us the opportunity to do what we love.

we have lots to celebrate, and we want to celebrate with all of you! to finish off our birthday party we want to send a couple of lucky winners home with  - some very special 'Treat Bags' here in YYC. These treat bags are filled with some of my VERY favourite LOCAL things. I am so excited to share this with you!

1. Casey Boda Photography (, @caseyboda)
Casey is an up and coming photographer here in YYC with an incredible talent for capturing those special, important moments of you with your loved ones. I have had the pleasure of working with Casey and had her capture some of my own special moments with my family. I am so excited to share with you this amazing gift - a 30 minute Portrait session of you with your loved ones. 
2. Little Tucker (, @littletuckeryyc)
Laura is the brains & creator behind the DELICIOUS, healthy treats of Little Tucker. Her Energy Bites are definitely a fave of mine and a snack I rely on to carry me through the day after a workout class and/or running between meetings. You can find her raw, all natural, plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy free bites and treats at a number of places around town, and now out of the space she shares with Well Juice in Inglewood. Enjoy a goodie box of Energy Balls from Little Tucker as part of this treat bag.
3. Routine Cream (, @routinecream)
I lead an active life. Between workout classes, running around with my three year old daughter and running a business - I need a deodorant I can count on. I love the idea of a natural deodorant, but to be honest - I used to be the kind of girl that carried my "natural" product around with the regular as a back up. Until I found ROUTINE. I love this brand. I love the product and it works LIKE A CHARM. Definitely one of my favourites by far and it's made right here in YYC. Available at a number of places including Junction 9 Yoga Studio and Luke's Drug Mart. Our treat bag includes this brand new scent from Routine Deodorant "Sexy Sadie".
4. Phil & Sebastien Coffee (, @philandseb)
I am a bit of a coffee addict. We are fortunate to have a number of amazing coffee companies here in Calgary. This particular add-on to our Treat Bag comes from one of the first coffee shops I ever visited here in Calgary. Not only am I a frequent coffee drinker at P&S, but I often refer to it as my second office, not only for the great atmosphere but some of the best staff you'll find. Grab a java from P&S in Marda Loop, Mission, Chinook Mall, and NOW at their brand new location down on Stephen Avenue. This treat bag includes a bag of coffee beans from Phil & Sebastian.
5. Milk Jar Candle Co. (@milkjarcandleco)
Holly is new to the small business scene here in Calgary, but you wouldn't know it with the beautiful scents, packaging and branding that she has created with Milk Jar Candle Co. A handful of scents to select from with these 100% Soy Wax Candles made here in YYC. As part of our treat bag, enjoy this "French Laundry" scented candle from Milk Jar Candle Co.
6. Hed Kandi (, @hedkandisalon)
I moved to Calgary almost 10 years ago...and SERIOUSLY the hardest part about moving was leaving behind my hair dresser. It took me some time to find a great fit, but when I met Chrissy at Hed Kandi - I knew I'd found my place. Not only do I have an incredible stylist, but I can't say enough about the customer service. I've had the opportunity to met Jereme, the founder of Hed Kandi and love what he stands for as a business owner, the environment he creates for his staff and for their customers, but also their involvement in the community. You can also check out "Butter" for a number of spa services and a quick blo-dry AND the newest concept -  Johnny's Barber Shop in downtown YYC. As part of this treat bag enjoy these 3 Bumble & Bumble hair products as well as a $50.00 Gift Card to use towards any service at Hed Kandi or Butter Salon.
7. Made By Marcus (, @madebymarcus)
No favourite list of mine would be complete without Ice Cream. Made by Marcus is the BEST. The best. In my house - these are the jars I hide at the back of the freezer. If you haven't tried it, I don't know what you're waiting for. This treat bag includes a box of DELICIOUS Macaron's as well as a $20.00 Gift Card to pick out your ice cream.
8. Junction 9 Yoga & Pilates (, @junction_9)
This is a second home for me. Since moving to Calgary, Yoga has become a big part of my life. Junction 9 opened it's doors just over 2 years ago and is home to some of this community's most amazing teachers, leaders and visionaries. The heart of this studio is community and you won't find a better place in this city to connect, rejuvenate and be inspired. If you haven't checked out this beautiful space yet, it's a must. We have included a FREE Yoga Class at Junction 9 as part of this treat bag.
9. Fond Boutique (, @fondboutique)
Consignment is the NEW Black in 2017 and Fond Boutique is leading the pack. Thoughtfully curated consignment, the duo behind this brand provides more than a rack of clothes to shop. Styling Tips, Wardrobe advice and an affordable option to up-to-date fashion. Watch out for these gals in the YYC business scene. Included in our treat bag is a $50.00 Credit to Shop at Fond Boutique.
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There is a story behind this card. There is always a story behind my cards, but THIS one has a real story. A heart story. A story that has to be told.

Meet 'Lewiston' - the newest card to our collection. 

The 'lewiston' card is named after a sweet, little 4 month old boy, Lewiston Olstad, and the story I'm about to tell you is about him.

If you've been following Wrinkle & Crease for a while, you might remember that back at Mother's Day, we did a fundraiser to help an amazing young woman here in Calgary, who had taken on the challenge of raising $50,000 for a family in need here in calgary. Jessica Olstad raised $50,000 for Karen and her children, Ishan & Shanaya, both of whom live with SMA - Spinal Muscular Atrophy and were in need of a new wheelchair accessible van.

A little history for you guys about Jess. I first met Jess when I was pregnant with my daughter. Jess was my spin teacher, and was easily one of my favourite teachers with her bright, warm and no BS attitude. 

After launching Wrinkle & Crease, I ran into Jess who was managing a shop here in Calgary, and after telling her about my new venture, she made it HER business to be the first shop to support me and bring in my cards to sell. That's Jess. She is the first person to offer herself, her help, her love to those around her. She courageously took on the daunting task of raising tens of thousands of dollars for a family in need...because in her heart felt she needed to. 

That was in May. Not long after, Jess, Ronnie & their daughter Swayzie, welcomed a new addition to the family, Lewiston. Lewiston is as bright eyed as his mama, and the most charming little dude you've ever met.

Shortly after Lewiston was born, the Olstad's discovered to their utter dismay, that Lewiston was born with SMA type 1 (yes, the same as Ishan & Shanaya). The doctor's gave his parents the devastating life expectancy of less than 2 years, and with so many signs displayed earlier on likely much less. 


Like I know it does for all of you reading this, this news ripped my heart. It has made me hold my own daughter a little closer, a little longer, a little more often. I have watched the journey of this young family, and have felt only what I can imagine this would be like. I have wanted to do everything, and felt like I can do nothing. I have said a hundred prayers and will send a thousand more. I will hope for every second that there is a miracle for this family, and for Lewiston. 

So, why the card? 

This is the Olstad story. But truly, it could be me, it could be you, it could be any one of us. And while these two amazing parents do everything they can to fight for Lewiston, to LOVE Lewiston, to lift him up, it falls on us to do the same for them.

This family needs some help right now. I want to offer whatever i can to help. That is one of the reasons for this card. All of the proceeds from this card will be going to the Olstad family to help them with some of the financial burden that lies ahead.

But that's only one part. The heart on this card was designed by a close friend of Jess' and turned into a logo for Lewiston's website (

My hope is that this card, Lewiston's heart is a reminder to each of us. That every time you see this card, you are reminded of Lewiston and his little but oh so big heart. I hope that you send your own prayer up for him and his family. I hope that you are reminded to hold dear the ones in your own life. I hope that it is a reminder to tell those around you how you feel about them. I hope that it reminds you to LOVE. To love fiercely, and bravely and with everything you've got.

So much Love for Lewiston. 


Cards are available for purchase from the website here:

They will also be available for purchase here in Calgary from the following locations:

Junction 9 Yoga Studio (

Lululemon 4th St (

Kit & Ace 17th Ave ( 800 16 Ave SW)


follow along with the olstad's journey on their website:



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