Letterpress is a technique of relief printing using a printing press. A plate, typically made of metal or wood with a raised image on the surface is placed into a bed of a press, where the plate is inked and the paper pressed against it to transfer the ink and leave an impression on the paper. 

From the mid-15th century until the late 19th century, letterpress was the normal form of printing. This distinguished technique of printing creates a unique and elegant design on paper that looks both classic and professional, with a handmade touch. Letterpress cannot be replicated with modern machinery. Each piece of paper is hand fed into the printer where the heated metal plate marks its custom design or message. Letterpress has risen in popularity again in the last several years, although it is still rare because of the time and cost to print even a single piece of paper. Letterpress is remarkable for the quality of paper it is printed on and the tactile finish that can be felt simply by rubbing your fingertip over the paper's surface. 

Each piece of paper with Wrinkle & Crease letterpress design is printed by a skilled pressman, then hand fed into an antique press one sheet at a time. We inspect each piece of paper after printing to ensure the highest quality, before hand packaging with care.