The modern pioneer. Organizing the chaos. Planning for the future. And embracing the spontaneity of every moment.

There are many micro-moments that happen within one year, 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days. Some are chaotic, embraced with stress and confusion, and others are met with happiness, joy, and all-around bliss. In all reality, no matter how prepared we think we are there will always be situations that come at us blindly, leaving us to pick up the pieces and simply go-with-the-flow – especially if you’re balancing multiple schedules.

However, we have made it our mission here at Wrinkle and Crease to provide you with well-designed tools that will allow you to write down your goals, organize your to do’s, and push yourself to dream big as you stay on track and plan for the future!

Wrinkle and Crease Daily Planner 2019

If you’ve ever received butterflies as you open up a crisp new planner, waiting to be filled with appointments, reminders, and boundless lists, then we have something that might tickle your fancy, the Wrinkle and Crease Daily Planner 2019. Featuring a modern design and a clean layout on every page, this planner comes in both black and red linen hardcover, embossed with gold foil, and luxury gilded edges starting in January 2019 and ending in December.

This planner was designed for the goal makers and the trendsetters. Those looking to embrace the magic in those spontaneous moments, while reaching for their goals, and planning to reach even further. This tightly bound book is meant to travel with you wherever you go, whether that be to a business meeting, the playground, or on an international trip across the water. With extra space to write down your thoughts, capture meeting minutes, or use as a journal you’ll want to have it with you wherever you are in the world.

We have included space for you to mindfully reflect on your goals for 2018 while setting even larger ones for 2019, breaking them down, and creating a vision for what you want your year to look like. Fill the spaces with your itineraries, dreams, weekly + daily schedules, budget, and copious checklists, using your planner as a roadmap to stay organized, get inspired, and visualize the bigger picture.

2019 Agenda Made in Calgary

Wrinkle and Crease is a proud Canadian stationery company created and produced here in Calgary. Our products have a minimal design and are made in small batches, meant to bring meanings to the little things in life.

We thrive off breaking our goals down into smaller ones and growing something larger than ourselves, but we couldn’t do it without staying organized and writing it down in our planners. By putting pencil to paper, we believe that strengthens the commitment and gives us a mental reminder that what we are doing is real life.

If you’re in need of a touch of inspiration throughout the year, week, or the day you’ll find some of our favourite quotes and thoughts printed within the pages of every planner. These are the messages that help us stay focused and pick us up on those days when our motivation is a little laboured. With that we’ll leave you with 3 simple rules:

  • if you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
  • if you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
  • if you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place – Anonymous

You’re the only one in control of your life, so live it the way you want to live it.  Write it down, remember it, and make it real.

PS. Don’t forget to have some fun.

You can shop the Wrinkle and Crease 2019 Winter Collection including the day planners here!

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