there is a story behind this card. there is always a story behind my cards, but this one has a real story. a heart story. a story that has to be told.

meet ‘lewiston’ – the newest card to our collection.

the ‘lewiston’ card is named after a sweet, little 4 month old boy, lewiston olstad, and the story i’m about to tell you is about him.

if you’ve been following wrinkle & crease for a while, you might remember that back at mother’s day, we did a fundraiser to help an amazing young woman here in calgary, who had taken on the challenge of raising $50,000 for a family in need here in calgary. jessica olstad raised $50,000 for karen and her children, ishan & shanaya, both of whom live with sma – spinal muscular atrophy and were in need of a new wheelchair accessible van.

a little history for you guys about jess. i first met jess when i was pregnant with my daughter. jess was my spin teacher, and was easily one of my favourite teachers with her bright, warm and no bs attitude.

after launching wrinkle & crease, i ran into jess who was managing a shop here in calgary, and after telling her about my new venture, she made it her business to be the first shop to support me and bring in my cards to sell. that’s jess. she is the first person to offer herself, her help, her love to those around her. she courageously took on the daunting task of raising tens of thousands of dollars for a family in need…because in her heart felt she needed to.

that was in may. not long after, jess, ronnie & their daughter swayzie, welcomed a new addition to the family, lewiston. lewiston is as bright eyed as his mama, and the most charming little dude you’ve ever met.

shortly after lewiston was born, the olstad’s discovered to their utter dismay, that lewiston was born with sma type 1 (yes, the same as ishan & shanaya). the doctor’s gave his parents the devastating life expectancy of less than 2 years, and with so many signs displayed earlier on likely much less.

like i know it does for all of you reading this, this news ripped my heart. it has made me hold my own daughter a little closer, a little longer, a little more often. i have watched the journey of this young family, and have felt only what i can imagine this would be like. i have wanted to do everything, and felt like i can do nothing. i have said a hundred prayers and will send a thousand more. i will hope for every second that there is a miracle for this family, and for lewiston.

so, why the card?

this is the olstad story. but truly, it could be me, it could be you, it could be any one of us. and while these two amazing parents do everything they can to fight for lewiston, to love lewiston, to lift him up, it falls on us to do the same for them.

this family needs some help right now. i want to offer whatever i can to help. that is one of the reasons for this card. all of the proceeds from this card will be going to the olstad family to help them with some of the financial burden that lies ahead.

but that’s only one part. the heart on this card was designed by a close friend of jess’ and turned into a logo for lewiston’s website (www.loveforlewiston.ca)

my hope is that this card, lewiston’s heart is a reminder to each of us. that every time you see this card, you are reminded of lewiston and his little but oh so big heart. i hope that you send your own prayer up for him and his family. i hope that you are reminded to hold dear the ones in your own life. i hope that it is a reminder to tell those around you how you feel about them. i hope that it reminds you to love. to love fiercely, and bravely and with everything you’ve got.

so much love for lewiston.


cards are available for purchase from the website here: https://www.wrinkleandcrease.com/shop/lewiston

they will also be available for purchase here in calgary from the following locations:

follow along with the olstad’s journey on their website: www.loveforlewiston.ca



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