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Small Monthly Planner

16 Page Monthly Planner helps you plan your year, month by month. This undated planner is easy to hang on a cork board, inside a pantry or simply to use as a desk/counter pad. Includes space to fill in your top 5 Priorities for the month, notes and important dates to remember. (Punched Holes included to easily tack onto a board.)
  • 12.75"W x 9.75"L
  • 80lb Bright White Text Paper
  • Black Ink
  • 16 tear off sheets
  • Chipboard Backing
  • Add a Magnet to easily hang from a magnetic board or refrigerator
  • SKU: NP-PL005
Customer Care

What Should I Write in my Monthly Planner?

The monthly planner is designed to give you a snapshot at a high level of the things that you have coming up in a 30 day period. It is a quick glance reminder and a great place to easily write down things that you need to remember. Here is a list of 5 things that should go in your monthly calendar.
  • Important Dates - Birthdays, anniversaries, expiration dates and appointments.
  • Goals and DAily Challenges - Set daily of weekly challenges and track your progress.
  • High-Level Budget Items - Not details but important monthly items or milestones go in the monthly planner
  • Heath Appointments - A monthly planner is great for appointments, especially for your health
  • Big Ideas - Yes, please.
  • Motivational Quotes - give yourself some inspiration and motivation at a quick glance