Wrinkle and Crease

The Backstory

We live fast paced lives. Always connected. Yet further away from authentic human connection than we ever have been. Now think back to the last time you received a handwritten note. Was it from your best friend in Jr. High, your mom on graduation, a thank you card from an acquaintance or a love note from a special someone? Where is it now?  There is nothing comparable to the deep and raw connection in a note written by hand. The sentiment you receive in the message is timeless. The wrinkles and creases and the wear and tear over time carries with it the connection, a beautiful memory and moment that will never be forgotten. It can forever be reread again and again. Each time making the hairs on your arms stand tall, bringing back that feeling in your gut that reminds you of the genuine feelings that you had the first time you read it. That is the magic of a hand written note. 

The Brand

Wrinkle & Crease is a letterpress stationery company that designs and produces luxury handmade paper products. Our products seek to encourage you to put your pen to paper and write a special message to connect you to the people in your life on a deeper level. 


We specialize in simple designs, printed on high quality eco-friendly paper by hand, on an old fashioned letterpress. We finish each design with a custom foil stamp that is created for each one of our products. The reason for our minimal designs is simple! We want to provide you with a beautiful product that inspires your message, yet allows you the space to write a sentiment as long or as short as you wish.  BROWSE OUR COLLECTIONS

Our Mission

It’s our mission to create products that encourage you to write more and type less. Whether you’re writing a love letter, sending a thoughtful card, scribbling ideas or simply jotting down plans, we offer products to suit any occasion that you can save, tuck away and unfold over and over again. Our products are made for the paper lovers who relish in the timeless moments that are held forever within the wrinkles and the creases. 


A few short years later and here we are. Wrinkle and Crease began as a humble and small local small business and has now grown into an international stationery company, based out of Calgary, Canada. We offer paper products that seek to inspire and encourage. From Gift tags to art prints to planners to cards for any occasion, our products are meant to empower you to write down your thoughts, share your feelings and be the first steps in making your dreams come true. We want you to find the beauty in the simplicity of a handwritten note.  SHOP OUR PRODUCTS


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