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Paper products that seek to inspire and encourage

Wrinkle and Crease is a Calgary-based, international letterpress stationery company that specializes in luxurious, handmade products that trademark a modern design with foil and letterpress embossed details. Each with their own unique charm, our products are made to inspire creativity and encourage connection between you and your loved ones. Find our paper products at local shops across North America.

Wrinkle and Crease. We mean the Wrinkles and Creases that are left on a page of paper weathered from use and wear. A love letter you open to read over and over again. The creases on the pages of a notebook that has been used to hold your thoughts, your hopes and dreams. The simple, but meaningful messages behind each of our products will leave a timeless impression. There is something so genuine about putting your pen to paper to write your thoughts or a message that can be kept, tucked away and read again and again.

The words on our stationery transcend the physical products to allow people to connect with each other, leaving a timeless impression. There is something so genuine about putting your pen to paper and recording a personal sentiment that the other person can use as a keepsake of a particular moment in time.



Made from tree-free cotton, our stationery is made to last, while being mindful of this beautiful planet we live on. From cards to prints, you’ll find a certain quality and thickness to each item that can be noticed simply by touch.

Letterpress +

Foil Stamped

Although it’s just paper, our mission is to create products that help you to connect, reflect and embrace the moments that matter most. Every card is custom embossed using old-style letterpress machinery, a true labour of love!

Minimal + Modern


Our stationery features a clean, minimal design, with a modern flare that leaves room for your personal touch. Our simple greetings will inspire your words and emphasize the importance of your correspondence.

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