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About the maker

How wrinkle and Crease came to be

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An ambitious dreamer, spirited entrepreneur and all around go-getter, Kayley, is the founder, designer and creator of Wrinkle and Crease. Little do people know, the foundation for this Calgary-based stationery company was already being created, long before Kayley herself even knew it would become her future.

“I wanted people like me who are planners, and dreamers and writers of things to have beautiful products to write on, to keep and to share with others.”

How wrinkle and crease came to be

A lemonade stand and a $100 dollar bill, then came Wrinkle and Crease.

From a young age, friends and family identified Kayley as an entrepreneurial spirit. It wasn’t long until her and her siblings created their very own lemonade stand. When profits were low, she came up with the idea to make the stand mobile to gain new business. This worked well until there was a dispute within the partnership and Kayley went on to take the lemonade stand independently. With the help of her parents, she entered a young entrepreneurs contest and won a crisp $100 bill. This was all she needed to open a business bank account, upgrade her supplies and ingredients and create a mobile business.

Throughout the summer, her stand treated the surrounding neighbourhoods with freshly made lemonade and later even ice cream treats – it’s no surprise she usually sold out half way through the day.

Since then, she dabbled in various other side jobs, while working for some very well established companies. where she was mentored by some incredibly smart business men and women.
The idea to start a stationery company didn’t begin to bloom until she was on maternity leave and realized this was the perfect time to begin a new venture so that she could continue to stay home with her daughter. Plus her love for dreaming up ideas and figuring out various ways to execute them was always a source of passion for Kayley in all of her endeavours.

Being a chronic list maker and greeting card lover, she always found it easier to make sense of her thoughts, ideas, and words once they were written on paper. She was driven to create a business that was both creative and inspiring, and encouraged other women around her to also dream big and give them the tools they needed to make it happen. In that Wrinkle and Crease was born.

Her Story

Even as a young dreamer, Kayley has always been passionate about creating beauty with words. She has turned this passion into a business that seeks to encourage, inspire, and to bring loved ones closer together.