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How to Store Greeting Cards

February 08, 2022 7 min read 0 Comments

How to Store Greeting Cards

How to Store Greeting Cards

Do you have a bunch of greeting cards sitting around at home from past holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays? If you are sentimental and like to keep greeting cards, in order to relive the memories later, you may want to organize them in a neat and aesthetically pleasing way.

This will keep them all in one place, and can even turn them into a beautiful decoration for your home.

Read on for a list of fantastic ways that you can store your old greeting cards!

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Frame Them

A great way to store your favourite old greeting cards and display them properly is to frame them! This way, they will always have a place on your wall or on your desk, rather than stuffed away in a box in the closet.

A couple of tips are to choose the cards with messages that you cherish the most to frame, and also to choose the most aesthetically pleasing cards– those with your favourite quotes, artwork, or designs are the best choices to frame.

Most cards are uniform sizes, so they should fit in pre-made frames– no expensive custom framing required!


Lewiston Heart Greeting Card - Gold Foil

Create a Shadow Box

A shadow box is a glass front display case, which can be set out on a table or mounted on a wall. They come in many different sizes, colours, and finishes. Many people use them to create a collage of items from a special event– like a wedding, for example– so they are perfect choices for storing the greeting cards from special occasions that you hold dear.

You could place the cards inside the shadow box fully intact, or you could be more abstract or artistic about it. For example, you could create a collage with the artwork from the cards, or you could use washi tape to separate the cards from each other.


Hang on a Wall

You can also hang your cards on a wall without placing them in a frame or shadow box. This makes it easier to add or interchange cards.

One of the ways that you could achieve this is by hanging a piece of twine across a wall or a doorway, where the cards are clipped to the twine with clothespins.

Another way to do this would be to put them on a sort of corkboard or bulletin board. You can mix photos and cards together in either of these types of arrangements to add any additional interest. 

Find a Way Print

Stand On a Shelf

One of the simplest ways to display or store your used greeting cards are to stand them up on a shelf, desk or mantel. Truly, any surface would work, as long as you will not be using that surface for everyday use!

You can use wire photo holders, plate stands or even recipe card holders to elevate the cards.

Additionally, you could affix them to your fridge. Some tips to organize these and keep the space from looking like a cluttered mess are to use photo holders or recipe card holders, or even to use a step style spice rack. You could easily find one of these by thrifting or scouring the vintage markets. 


Check off the Boxes Greeting Card


Scrapbooking is one of the more traditional ways that you can store your greeting cards. You could use your cards to accent an existing scrapbook or one that you are currently working on.

Alternatively, you could create a new scrapbook solely focused on all of the special greeting cards that you have received. You can organize the cards however you please– after all, it is your scrapbook– but a tip is to try organizing them by date or by different occasions, so that the scrapbook reads easier. Once complete, you could either tuck the scrapbook away or keep it on a coffee table or bookshelf for anyone to see!

It's a great way to organize greeting cards and provides and opportunity for family members to look through some of your old cards that have become sentimental items for you.


Keep Them on a Ring

You could also elect to hole punch the corner of each greeting card and keep them on a ring, similar to keys on a key ring. You can easily procure a large binder ring for this from any office supply store. If you are able to, you should also laminate the greeting cards so that they hold up better over time.

This option allows you to store many cards in one place. You can even make more than one ring and organize cards by occasions. So all of your birthday cards could be on one ring and all of your Christmas cards could be on another fro example.

Many office supply stores also offer laminating services, so you could do this at the same time that you get your binder ring! It is easy to organize your cards on a key ring as well– you could use index tabs to separate them by date or occasion, and can also put them in order of date on the binder ring. Like the scrapbook option, you could choose to keep these out on a countertop or coffee table, or you could store them and keep them private in a desk drawer. 


Store them in a Card Organizer 

Also known as a card box, typically this is where you store your cards that are unused and ready to send, however you could use the same organizer to then store your card collection of used cards from loved ones. You can create tabs to easily sort by a special occasion. 



Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store greeting cards at home?

Organizing greeting cards doesn't have to be difficult. There are many different ways you can store unused or used greeting cards at home, including in a photo album, standing up on a shelf, or in a frame on the wall. Many people also store greeting cards in an airtight box, which can easily be kept under the bed or on a shelf.

Get your greeting cards organized quickly and easily by using one of our tips, or share a great idea that you have as a master greeting card organizer. Blank cards, a physical card, all the many cards? We get it, we love cards too.

What do you do with old greeting cards you want to keep?

If you have old greeting cards and would like to keep them, whether for sentimental value or because you like the design, there are several different ways you can do this.

You could take photos of the cards or scan them into your computer so that you have a digital copy to save space, or you could compile a scrapbook of greeting cards. You could also tuck them into your diary or journal when you receive them so that you can look back on the memories of a particular day.

The great thing about photos is that you can keep them on your phone for easy access as well.

Should you keep old greetings cards?

Yes, you certainly can keep old greeting cards! If these cards have sentimental value, you may want to keep them so that you can look back upon them. However, you may want to be selective with the greeting cards you choose to keep, in order to control clutter– you do not necessarily need to keep every greeting card you ever receive.

What Should I do with Old Christmas Cards or Old Birthday Cards?

One thing you could do with old Christmas cards is to store them in an album or scrapbook. This is a great way to keep all of your Christmas memories in one place. Another option is to hole-punch the corner of each card and store them on a key ring, similar to how you would store keys. You could also laminate the cards so that they last longer. If you have a lot of cards, you could also store them in an airtight box under your bed or on a shelf.

This will help to keep them in good condition. Lastly, you could choose to frame a few of your favourite cards and hang them on your wall as decoration.

How Long Should You Keep Greeting Cards?

How long you should keep a greeting card depends on how sentimental it is to you. If the card has a lot of meaning, then you may want to keep it forever. However, if you are simply keeping the card because you like the design, then you may not want to keep it for as long.

Generally speaking, once a card has been received and read, there is no need to keep it any longer. A greeting card really can span the spectrum of sentimentality. It can literally just be a holder for a gift card, or it can be the last thing your dad gave you. Either way, a greeting card organizer or a special place for greeting cards with significant meaning is important.

Sentimental items really are a personal thing, and all the cards in the world won't replace that one card that means the most to you. Take a moment to decide if you are going to keep something or not.

What is a Good Method for Organizing Greeting Cards?

Finding inspiration for organizing your greeting cards can be as easy as a Pinterest search or a Google Search. But finding the right greeting card organizer for you may be a little more difficult.

You are going to want to have the most important cards accessible for those times that you want to reflect and share your cherished memories. As we mentioned above scrapbooks are a great way for you to keep everything safe, but also easily sort your old greeting cards and access them easily.