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Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad

January 25, 2022 5 min read 0 Comments

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples– you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends or family as well! However, gifting to a friend or family member for this holiday may be more difficult, as Valentine’s Day gifts are typically romance-centric.

So what do you get DAD??

If you are shopping for Valentine’s Day for your dad, look no further! We have compiled a list of some of the best gifts to show your father your appreciation.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for, but we have come up with a list of some gift options for you and your father! Take a look at the following.

As a side note we also have a list of virtual gift ideas, if you are going to be separated this valentines.  Check it out HERE

Luckeyui Cufflink Set

Does your dad dress up for work, or does he enjoy going to events often where formal dress is expected? The Luckeyui Cufflink Set is a set of twelve pairs of cufflinks; there are three round pairs, three oval pairs, three square pairs, and three pairs of rectangle cufflinks.

All of the cufflinks are made from black enamel and brushed metal for a sleek and minimal look. They come in a gift box with separate compartments for each set of cufflinks. They are ready to be gifted and can be kept in this box afterwards for storage, too! 


Meal Prep Kit

There are many meal prep kits out there, and this can be a good gift for the dad that likes to cook as well as the dad who does not have a lot of time to do so! This is because many meal prep kits can not only be customized to your preferred tastes and flavours, but to your preferred cook and prep times as well.

These sorts of meal prep kits can help save Dad some time by eliminating grocery shopping, and can help him cook delicious meals and try new cuisines. A great meal prep kit for dads is the Chop Box.

This kit in particular lets you choose restaurant quality meat to cook at home, so could be a fantastic option for dads who like to grill!


If your dad likes to hit the gym, or is a guy you can commonly find going out for a long run, a quality set of headphones is a great gift! You could either opt for soundproofing headphones such as the Beats by Dre brand, or you could choose a more streamlined option like Air-pods.

There are many different brands of each style of headphones, and they come in many different colours and finishes, so you can find a classic colour, or one that’s more unique– whichever would fit your dad’s style best! 



Smart Mug

Tired of your coffee getting cold? Well, your dad probably is, too! Whether your dad lives in a cold climate, or is working from home and needs a cozy addition to his office, a smart mug can be another unique gift option.

One of the higher quality smart mug options is the Ember brand smart mug. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, but is safe to hand wash after use. The smart mug can be set to your preferred temperature with the Ember app, which includes other presets as well.

The mug even comes in different colours and finishes, such as a ceramic style and one that looks like stainless steel!



Ensure Dad is warm and comfy by giving him a pair of high quality moccasin style slippers! There are many of these out on the market, so you can truly find a pair for any budget or any sense of style.

What’s so great about these types of slippers is that they are lined with the softest, warmest materials– and they often have rubber soles, so Dad can wear these slippers out to grab the paper or let the dog out. He’ll never have to take them off! 

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

When shopping for Dad, you probably don’t want to just get him anything. You want to get him something unique that appeals to his interests- -something to show that you know him well.

The Make Your Own Hot Sauce kit from Uncommon Goods is a fun, unique gift, especially if Dad is a foodie! The kit comes with both ground and whole spices, as well as instructions and glass bottles and labels to organize the flavours of hot sauce after they are made.

Your dad will think if you every time he uses the hot sauce in his dishes or to garnish his meals.


What to Write in a Valentine's Day Card for Dad

If you’ve picked out a card to give to your dad this Valentine’s Day, that is half of the challenge.

Here are some great card examples from Wrinkle and Crease that you could use. 

i wouldnt be me without you dad

I Wouldn't be me Without You Dad

Lucky to be your daughter

Lucky to be Your Daughter


The No.1 Dad


Dad The Whole World


However, what should you write inside?

When it comes time to write a message inside, you may find yourself stumped on how best to express yourself.  We have another article about what to write to your dad for father's day, which would be a great place to start. 

After that though you may want a little more for valentines day.   

Instead of focusing on romantic love, focus on familial love and your appreciation for your dad when you are filling out your card to him. You could take a funny approach or take one that is more sentimental and serious.

Take a look at the following for some ideas of what you can write in your dad’s Valentine’s Day card!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Dad! You keep getting better with age– like fine wine. Hope you have a fantastic day filled with love and chocolate!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to my loving father. You’re always there for me, so I want to show my appreciation today with lots of warm thoughts and well wishes!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to the world’s greatest Dad! Thanks for raising me with love and encouraging me to grow into who I am today. I love you– enjoy today!
  • Wishing you a day full of all of your favourite things– including me! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • On this Valentine’s Day, I hope you are feeling loved– you are!
  • Have fun this Valentine’s Day, and don’t eat too much candy! 
  • Thanks for all that you do to make my days a little happier. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


We hope these gift ideas help you on your search to make the best dad feel appreciated! And hey, some of these gifts are even great for the whole family!