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Velvet Ribbon

Soft, Luxurious Velvet Ribbon. Add a classy finish to your gift wrap, ornaments, and custom decor projects with this elegant velvet ribbon.
With this velvet ribbon, you can also accent your gift baskets, gift wrap, invitations, scrapbook pages, or other craft projects. This velvety ribbon would also make a perfect hair accessory.
Other Details
  • Product Size - 15 FT L x 3/8 W (9mm)
  • Single Faced Velvet Ribbon with woven edge
  • Wrapped on wooden spool
  • Ribbon Secured with a pin. Shipped in a mesh bag inside box to protect during shipment
  • Available in multiple colours: Black, Ivory, Burnt Orange, Red, Blush Pink and Pewter Grey
Customer Care

What is black velvet ribbon used for?

Black velvet ribbon has many different uses, but for us, it is primarily a decoration for gifts, cards and your home. Velvet ribbon not only gives a splash of colour it also add texture and class to any project or gift.

Can I iron velvet ribbon?

The most important thing to know about black velvet ribbon or any colour velvet ribbon is that you should never iron it. Ironing it could ruin the pile and damage any embossing. Instead of using an iron or sending velvet pieces to the dry cleaners, gently steam the fabric using a hand steamer or the steam function on an iron.