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2024 Planning Worksheet

The Wrinkle & Crease Day Planner was created to be a daily workbook. Not only a place to mark dates and events and to do’s, but a “workbook” to help you track your progress, write your goals, jot down your memories and thoughts and to work through whatever challenges and roadblocks you’re facing. Whether you use our planner or not, I encourage you to take the time to work through these sheets to create clear intentions for your future. It's easy to start filling in calendars and to do list’s but it takes time to write out a vision for your year. It's worth it.

You will grow and challenge yourself when you take time to answer these questions and make your plans with direction and intention. Be intentional. Map out your very best year. Identify the things that matter most to you and build your year around them. Wishing you a year to look back on with fond memories, gratitude, and one to be proud of. Wishing you your best year yet!