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What to Write in a Christmas Card

November 24, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments

What to write in a christmas card

What to Write In a Christmas Card

The holidays are approaching, and with them comes the pressure to shop for gifts, send out Christmas cards, and more! When it comes to Christmas cards, this is a tradition that is still going strong, even after the technological advances that have made communicating by snail mail largely a thing of the past. Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what to write in your holiday cards, especially when you want to personalize each message to its recipient-- different levels of connection will call for different messages!


Table of contents

  1. What to Write in a Christmas Card for your Best Friend
  2. What to Write in a Christmas Card for your Boss
  3. What to Write in a Christmas Card for your Parents
  4. What to Write in a Christmas Card for your Boyfriend
  5. What to Write in a Business Christmas Card
  6. What to Write in a Late Christmas Card

What To Write in a Christmas Card for your Best Friend

For your best friend or another individual that you are close to, the inscription inside your Christmas card can be more personal. You could add a brief message about your family, any special news or updates, and any other important announcements you have yet to make. You could also include a family photo for them to enjoy. However, don’t just focus on yourself! Be sure to include well wishes for them and their families in the coming year. 


  • Your friendship is the best Christmas gift!
  • Merry Christmas to my best friend. Here’s to another year of happiness and prosperity!
  • Merry Christmas! It means so much to know you’re my friend.
  • Your friendship lights up my life like a Christmas tree.
  • It’s friends like you who make this season so special and magical.

What to Write In a Christmas Card to Your Boss

When writing a Christmas card to your boss, you can make it a bit more personal if your relationship allows it. However, refrain from making announcements or giving family updates as you would in a card to your loved ones. Instead, personalize the card to your boss and to your relationship together. Noting in the message how you appreciate them and otherwise keeping the message more general is a safer route-- keep it warm, but professional!

  • Wishing a wonderful holiday to a wonderful mentor!
  • Thanks for another fantastic year!
  • Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. Your hard work inspires us every day.
  • Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy your time off and have a restful holiday season.
  • It’s been an amazing year. I’m grateful for your leadership and look forward to the year ahead.

What to Write In a Christmas Card to Your Parents

When writing a message in a Christmas card to your parents, be sure to show your appreciation for them and for their part in your life in the past year. As with close friends and other loved ones, make the message inside your card more personal. Your parents will certainly want to hear about your family and any exciting updates or announcements you have! It can also be fun to add in a callback to a special holiday memory you have together from when you were growing up. These memories will warm their hearts this holiday season.

  • I am so fortunate to have you as my parents! Merry Christmas.
  • I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and another great year! You deserve it.
  • Growing up in a house filled with so much love has made me so lucky. Sending you my love this Christmas.
  • This Christmas, I’m thankful for you. I hope this is your best Christmas yet!
  • May Christmas fill you with the same joy you always give me. Merry Christmas and best wishes!

What to Write In a Christmas Card to Your Boyfriend

For a boyfriend or other romantic partner, you will want to be sure to make your Christmas card more personal. Stay away from the general holiday wishes, and focus on making your special someone feel your love and appreciation in this holiday message! Depending on their personality, your partner may also appreciate a message with a bit of humor sprinkled in, too. Take a look at some of these holiday messages for inspiration.

  • Merry Christmas! You’re the best gift I could ask for.
  • Who needs mistletoe? You can kiss me anytime you like.
  • You make the holidays magical. Merry Christmas!
  • It’s not what’s under the tree that matters-- it’s who’s around it! I’m so grateful to have you there every Christmas. 
  • You’re the partridge to my pear tree. Merry Christmas!

What to Write In a Business Christmas Card

If you are unsure if the recipient of this card-- whether it be a client, vendor, or co-worker-- celebrates Christmas, you could instead use messages such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s greetings”. These are options that do not call out Christmas directly, but make it clear that this is a holiday card. You can also take the time to express your gratitude for this person and thank them in the message of your Christmas card. Keep these messages sincere, but more general.

  • Thanks for another great year together. Happy holidays!
  • Wishing you joy, peace, and good health this holiday season.
  • Happy holidays! Here’s to another year filled with happiness and success.
  • Wishing you a sparkling holiday season and a happy New Year!
  • Here’s hoping your holidays are filled with love, happiness, and family.

What to Write in a Late Christmas Card

Are you sending your cards out later than planned? Or maybe you’re concerned that, due to the distance, some of these cards won’t get to their recipient until after Christmas has passed? FOr these particular cards, consider forgoing the Christmas messages. Instead, write well wishes for the new year ahead and treat these cards as New Year’s cards. Here are some New Year’s messages you can try out instead.

  • A new year is a blank page and an opportunity to write a new story for yourself. I hope yours is beautiful!
  • Wishing you and yours good health and happiness in the New Year!
  • Cheers to the years we’ve been blessed to know each other as friends, and cheers to the New Year ahead.
  • As the holiday season draws to a close, we wish you a joyful and healthy New Year!
  • Wishing you a happy New Year!