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Easter Gift Ideas During Covid

March 28, 2021 4 min read 0 Comments

Easter Gift Ideas During Covid

With the birds chirping, snow melting, and the sun staying around a little longer, it’s a sure sign that Easter is around the corner! Easter means many things to all of us, but for most, it has come to symbolize springtime and the rebirth of life - and boy do we need it in 2021!!  

Spending time with family and friends is typically how we celebrate Easter but being that we are not quite out of the COVID woods yet, we may have to get a little creative this year. Gifts and virtual activities will be the safest way to celebrate, so we’ve rounded up a few ideas to give you a little inspiration. 


Easter Gifts for Grown Ups

Gifting for grown-ups on Easter doesn’t need to be complicated! A few thoughtful treats can go a long way to help us embrace this holiday - and is easy to do from a safe distance! 


  1. Easter Chocolates  We at Wrinkle & Crease are of the opinion that you are never too old for a little Easter themed chocolate. These delightful Praline Mini-Eggs in dark or milk chocolate are just the right mix of Easter and ‘grown-up’ and can be found at our local Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut 

2. A Gift of Candles and Tea  Create the ultimate calming gift package with springtime scented candles and rejuvenating tea for your loved one to enjoy while they welcome the dawn of a new season. One local vendor has some great options. Check out The Livery Shop for their candles and all things home decor, and David’s Tea for their incredible sampler:

3. Fresh Flowers  Easter means tulips are in season! And often a bargain even at your local grocery store.  Pick up a few bouquets for a fresh little pop of colour to gift your loved ones for their front entry or dining table. 

4.  A Happy Little Note  Writing a sweet little note in a card like this one “Age and Wine” is sure to give your friend or family member a little spark of joy this Easter season. We all can use reminders to embrace the possibility of new adventures around the corner. 

  5. Art  Give inspirational art that can be enjoyed all year long like this “Heart Whispers” piece to remind you to always listen to your heart.


6. Jewelry  For a more traditional message of Easter, this can be conveyed in a beautiful piece of jewelry. We love the “Set Free Necklace”, a 14kt Gold Filled hand stamped pendant on an 18” chain. It’s a delicate reminder of our freedom in Christ



Virtual Activities

Though gatherings are still not permitted this Easter, it doesn’t mean all the fun needs to stop!  Here are a few ideas for virtual activities to entertain all age groups. 

1. Virtual Dinner with Silly Games

Plan to have all the usual family members at your virtual Zoom dinner.  Discuss the menu in advance so you can coordinate the evening to bring in that feeling of closeness. Adding silly games like Chubby Bunny (Chubby Bunny directions) (If you don’t know - now you know) or Easter Bingo can help to add some lightness to the party.  Print off bingo cards found online or make up your own that apply to your family and friends! Sharing laughs and delicious food will feel just as good as being all together! 

2. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

This will likely become a pandemic classic!  Create a virtual Easter egg scavenger hunt for all the little ones in your extended family and friends.  Send out invites to the other parents in advance with directions on how to organize a cohesive hunt.  Each set of parents will hide eggs or treats around the house in advance like normal and then one agreed upon person can assume the role as the host over video chat. The host will shout out to the kids to grab one item at a time like “Show me a chocolate bunny!” or a cute rhyming clue (that you’ve all coordinated as a hiding spot) such as “Go To the Place Where You Wash Your Face!” so on and so forth.  Make it competitive or keep it light and fun! 

3. Joint Crafts

Try a classic craft with your kids like Easter egg decorating over video chat. Coordinate with your family or friends in advance and choose similar colours and materials so the kids have a sense of togetherness when decorating. Provide the same snacks at each household (Cadbury Mini Eggs anyone?) and boil the eggs in advance to be prepared.  Little ones can take turns showing off their creations on camera for a fun virtual experience. 

4. Outdoor Socially Distant Activities

If guidelines and weather permit, try safe and socially distant outdoor activities. Organizing an outdoor easter egg hunt that is separated by households but still side by side their cousins is as close to the real thing as we can do for our kids this year.  Or try a picnic style lunch at staggered tables and keep families 6 feet apart while eating. It may sound complicated, but sharing conversation at a safe distance will give you all the warm fuzzies and make for a fun memory. 


Although Easter may not look the same this year, with a little creativity we can all make sure that the fun will still go on.  We can still celebrate the renewal of life and recognize that although we can’t all be together the way we want to doesn’t mean that Easter has to be a drag!  These ideas are just a few of the many - get creative and involve everyone and most of all - have a Happy Easter!