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Fun and Creative Ways to Send a Happy Siblings Day Message

April 07, 2021 5 min read 0 Comments

Fun and Creative Ways to Send a Happy Siblings Day Message

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to show your siblings how much they are loved this National Siblings Day!

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Siblings seem to know how to push all of our buttons and drive us crazy.  Sometimes it even feels like they’re ready to reveal all of our embarrassing childhood stories at any given moment...but we’re willing to bet that at the end of the day they are the people in this world who know us the best and love us the most.   

Siblings Day is a wonderful reminder to hug our brothers and sisters tight and let them know how special they are - they’ve been our first teachers, our biggest cheerleaders and our best friends. 

So, let’s shower them with love and affection this National Siblings Day! Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 10 and get ready to celebrate (after all - if we don’t treat them right - who knows what secrets of ours they will divulge!) 

The History and Purpose of the Day

First, a little history.  

With the surge of#NationalSiblingsDay posts all over the ‘gram these past few years, it may seem like it’s a relatively new holiday, but Siblings Day is in fact over 25 years old.  


In 1995 Claudia Evart conceived of the holiday to honour her sister and brother who she lost at an early age. She chose her sister’s birthday (April 10) as an annual holiday to remind us to cherish the sibling bond year after year.   

Siblings Day is now recognized in many countries around the world including Canada and the United States. Claudia established the Siblings Foundation and has dedicated her life to ensure that the unique relationship between brothers and sisters will forever be cherished. 

Claudia’s story is a reminder to us all to appreciate our brothers and sisters everyday or to honour a sibling that we too have perhaps lost. 

Ways to Celebrate with Siblings

Because we love our siblings so much, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some ideas on how you can honour them this year and every year going forward!

  • At Home Reunion
  • Pandemic-permitting, and if you live in different cities, plan a reunion in your hometown.  Perhaps you can still land in at Mom & Dad’s, or maybe head to a favourite restaurant you went to while growing up. Bring out the old photos and reminisce about shared memories from your younger years - and while you’re at it, plan to create a few new memories for the future! 

  • Snail Mail 
  • If an in person visit isn’t likely, send your sibling a surprise hand-written letter or card.  Share a funny memory or a favourite moment you had from when you were kids to remind them of your bond.  Maybe an inside joke about Mom or Dad, or a sweet loving memory of the beloved pet hamster. (RIP).

    Here at Wrinkle & Crease we have the perfect set of cards from our "Letter To" collection that say it all. It's the perfect touch to show your siblings how much they mean to you. 


  • Old School Night
  • If you’re able to get together, plan to host your siblings for an old school night - play your old childhood board games (unless your big brother always used to beat you at Monopoly and you never want to play again), watch your favourite movies (The Goonies anyone?) or get out the keyboard and guitars for a trip down memory lane of the old brother / sister band duo. Whatever it was that you and your siblings used to do together growing up will be sure to remind you of how you’re still the coolest kids on the block.

  • The Social Post
  • This one is fast becoming tried and true.  Gather a little gallery of your favourite pics of your brothers and sisters and upload them to your social media platform of choice. Tag ‘em and hashtag it #nationalsiblingsday and blast the feed with how awesome and fun your siblings are.  

    Messages and Quotes

    So... you’ve picked out the perfect card but are stuck on what to write? We’ve jotted down a few ideas for you below! 

  • “Hey sis, I know I don’t say it often enough, but you are my best friend and I love you” 

  • “Brother, I want you to know that you’ve made a difference in my life. I’m the person I am today because of you and I’ll always cherish our bond. Happy Siblings Day”

  • “Sister, growing up you were the only one who stood by me and made me feel heard. I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you” 

  • “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you before, but you’re my favourite brother (yes, I know you’re my only brother! :p)” 

  • “Hey little brother, it’s your turn to take garbage out! Happy National Siblings Day” (OK - this one might not be for National Siblings Day but still valid nonetheless)

  • Messages for Reconciliation

    National Siblings Day may stir up some painful emotions for you due to a rift in a relationship.  Try a message of peace in hopes of restoring the bond:

  • “Dear sister, I’m sorry and I hope we can rebuild our relationship.  I hope you know how much I love you” 

  • “I know we’ve grown apart over the years, but I want you to know how much you truly mean to me and I’d like it if we can be in each other's lives again.” 

  • “Brother, I know it has been years since we’ve talked but life is short and I want you to know how much I love you.” 

  • FAQ Section 

    • What do you say on sibling day? 

    There are many things you can say to your siblings on Siblings Day, but speaking from the heart is the most important.  Let them know how much they mean to you, or how they stood by you when you needed someone the most.  We often hold back from those we love - having a special day to acknowledge them can help us to open up and let our sibling know how appreciated they really are.  

    • How do you appreciate your siblings?

    Appreciating your siblings doesn’t have to be difficult.  A phone call to check in and ask how they’re doing can go a long way.  Sometimes a listening ear is all one needs to feel loved.  If there’s something you can do to help - then jump to it.  Family comes first! 

    • How do you say Happy Sisters Day?

    What was a fun activity you and your sister used to do growing up? Or perhaps something you love doing together now? If it’s digging in the garden, taking the dogs for a walk, or going for a mimosa-fueled brunch, chances are that suggesting it for Siblings Day will ensure your sister knows how much she is loved.

    We hope that however you choose to honour your siblings this year, that you do it with kindness and an open heart, a little fun and lots of love. 

    Happy National Siblings Day!