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Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

April 21, 2021 8 min read 0 Comments

Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Great Gift Ideas For Stay at Home Moms

We can’t think of more deserving people to pamper than a stay at home mom.  They are chauffeurs, chefs, event planners, educators, bankers, entertainers, referees, nurses, coaches, cleaners - the list goes on! And those doing this the most? The Stay-at-Home-Mom. 

Are you looking for the best gifts for stay at home moms?

 Stay-at-home-moms (we’ll call them SAHMs) seem to hardly get any time to themselves and can easily neglect their own needs.  These hard working women deserve a little extra love on Mother’s Day. 

We’ve rounded up some thoughtful gift ideas for these true real-life heroes so that the SAHM in your life can be appreciated the way she truly deserves

Mom with kids on her feet

Top gifts for Stay home Moms 

1. Loungewear: This one’s an obvious one.  Luxurious loungewear for the busy stay at home mom to run around in - but still feel stylish if she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror:  We love this Egyptian cotton set by KOTN in the colour Camel.  KOTN Jersey Longsleeve, paired with KOTN Joggers.

2. Comfortable Bathrobe:We all love a good bathrobe, but sometimes they can feel a bit cumbersome and bulky.  This one by All You Are is made with 100% cotton French Terry so it’s lightweight enough to let mom move around freely and quickly while working her breakfast magic early in the morning.  Bonus - the belt is built in so it’ll never get lost. Find it here at The Robe — All You Are.

3. Fun Clothing:Treating mom to clothing that she might not buy for herself is always a fun idea. The Mama sweatshirt by Brunette The Label is a really cute piece for her to take that next selfie in with the kids.  

4. Air FryerA Stay At Home Mother’s Day gift guide would not be complete without the inclusion of the hottest (literally?) item of the season, the Air Fryer.  This Oil Free XL Air Fryer in white by COSORI will absolutely be worth losing a little counter space for.

5. Foot Spa:Even if mom doesn’t want to give herself a pedicure, soaking her tired feet at the end of a long day in a vibrating, massaging foot bath will bring her a restful sleep and prepare her for the day ahead. Check out this one made by Gatsky, available on Amazon. 

6. Soled Slippers: Speaking of feet - having comfortable footwear to chase the kids around in is crucial for a busy mom. These soled slippers by Ugg will keep her feet warm and comfortable all day long: 

7. Food Subscription Service:This one could be a treat for once and awhile - especially if the schedule is looking extra crazy for the week ahead. A food subscription service will allow mom to not have to come up with dinner ideas, plan or shop.  Prep will be taken care of and all she has to do is relax and follow instructions. There are so many options out there - try Hello Fresh  or Good Food.

8. Cleaning Service:Even if she prides herself on managing to keep the house tidy, while also running around after the little ones, the gift of a deep clean for the home will free up some much needed time for her to focus on the things that really matter (like hugs and kisses from the kids!). 

9. A Massage Gift Certificate:The gift of an hour of uninterrupted time to relax and be pampered with a massage is one of the best gifts there is.  If she’s not into massages - maybe she’ll prefer a pedicure or a facial.  The idea is that she’ll have time to herself without having to answer to anyone and feel pampered while she’s at it.

moms and daughter at home

Unique Gifts for Stay At Home Moms

Gadgets for Moms

1. Headphones:  If mom is bold enough to take a 20 minute noise cancelling break from the kids, get her these stylish headphones from Urbanears (we love them in the colour almond) for some long overdue isolation from the noise of noisy kids. Mom will love this.  

Pro tip - Your teenage kids or techie brother-in-law probably knows what's best.  So if you are reading this and are not quite sure what to get ask for some help. 

Technology is rapidly changing and you want to make sure you get her something that works now, and will work for a while.  You will also want to consider hands free, so she can listen while working.  The best gifts for stay at home moms are only great gifts if they last. 

mom christmas with kids

 2. Blend Jet: It’srechargeable and cordless, makes smoothies, shakes, baby food and cake mix.  What is it? The Blend Jet! It comes in a million different colours and the best part? It’s self-cleaning with just a little water, soap and a quick blend!

3. Cricut:A fun gift for the crafty mom! She can personalize, organize and customize to her heart’s desire with the Cricut. Depending on her hobby of choice, there are a few options to choose from; she’ll soon be on her way to creating home decor, leather goods, decorating t-shirts, mugs, cards - literally anything. It’s the eco friendly gift that keeps on giving!

Useful Gifts

Sometimes the uber practical gift is the one that will be appreciated the most.  

1. Anti-fatigue floor mat:Moms who stand at the sink or stove for half of the day will really appreciate an anti-fatigue floor mat

 2. Squirrel Massager:It’s not glamorous but it’ll hit the spot - literally.  For the knots that pop up in her back while she’s home alone with the kids - this Squirrel Massager will quickly ease her pain and allow her to carry on with the rest of her day.


For Moms That Don't Want Anything

There are always those moms who claim they don’t want anything...but we’ve got you covered: 

 1. A Subscription to a Streaming Service:She thinks she doesn’t want anything but once she has access to unlimited quality television or books on tape she’ll forget she ever said she was happy without.  It’s a gift that won’t take up space in the house or go to waste.

 2. Gift Cards for Coffee or Wine: AKA Mom Fuel. It will not go unused. Enough said.

Friends Tip - Gifts for stay at home moms don't have to be expensive, they just have to be thoughtful.  For moms that have everything already a card and wine may be enough, especially a thoughtful note and a great bottle of wine.  

Single Moms

Single moms often get neglected on Mother’s Day. Here’s how to help out the single mama in your life:

 1. A Day to Herself: Give the single mom some much needed time by offering to watch the kids for a few hours. She can shop, go to the gym, or even just take a nap. 

 2. Sephora Gift Card:A single mama may want to treat herself to some beauty products to remind herself of the young, flirty woman she is sans kids. 

 3. An Extra Set of Hands:The single mom may have a honey-do list that never gets done.  Perhaps she needs a little help getting some of the more physical chores done around the house that require two sets of hands. If you can be that person for a few hours she will appreciate it - guaranteed.    

FAQ Section

 What do you get for Stay at Home Moms that have everything?

A little appreciation can go a long way.  Write mom a love letter in a beautiful card from Wrinkle & Crease. And heck - why not throw in an Amazon gift card so she can click her way to happiness too. 

Even the mom who has everything will find a dozen things she needs (or doesn’t) on Amazon.

 What's in a stay-at-home mom's survival kit?

 A fun little gift basket for the SAHM in your life could include some dry shampoo, coffee, lip balm, moisturizer, notepads, a weekly planneran eye mask, epsom salts and a bottle of wine!

Side note - a survival kit is all about self care.  There are definitely survival kits for going out with babies and/or children but often at home kits have mom-self-care at the forefront.  She'll love thoughtful gifts that are a little more about her.  Stay at home moms love thoughtful gifts.  

 What do stay at home moms need the most?

 If you ask most moms, including SAHMs, they will tell you that all they really need and want is a little time to themselves.  Whether that’s a day to grab some coffee, go shopping or a walk with a friend, solo time for mom is a huge treat.  Another way to do this, might be a little gift of bath bombs, a face mask and a soak in the tub while Dad puts the kids to bed. 

What Gifts Do New Moms Really Want?

New moms are a little different than stay at home moms, even though a new mom is usually at home for while, even if she is going to go back to work.  

Most new moms are going to be really grateful that you thought of them at all, but going the extra mile and getting something personal will always make it mean more.

It can be a very stressful time in the life of a mom and a new family, you can't go wrong with something that helps them relax, or feel normal again will be very welcome.  


Help Them Feel Normal

They have just been through a massive ordeal physically and emotionally.  Even though many new moms feel euphoric and excited about a new baby, they also want to feel normal, not like an alien and definitely not like something is wrong with them.  

You can help by getting them things that encourage their motherhood, and make them feel good at what they are doing.  A card with a well written note is a great start, along with something that is a favourite of theirs. 

Usually food, or candy...or let's be honest, chocolate.  

moms home decorations

A List of Great Ideas

Here is a list of great ideas for the new mom.

  • Netflix - For those late night fedings
  • Food
  • Baby sling
  • Bath essentials
  • Wet Wipes
  • Clothing for the Baby

We hope that this list of gifts for stay at home moms is helpful and will help you with the stay at home mom in your life. 

Remember -  it’s not about how much money you spend or the label on the package - it’s the thought behind the gift that counts!  

new mom with baby


We wish all moms a Happy Mothers Day this year! Happy gifting!

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The Mom Who Organizes.

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